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what should be the details of diesel forklift Under high temperature

what should be the details of diesel forklift Under high temperature

  • 2023-02-15
With the global climate warming slowly and the outdoor temperature rising gradually, what details should be paid attention to for the internal combustion forklift under high temperature? Next, the forklift supplier integrating the design, development, production and sales of hifoune professional forklift will introduce to you. In the case of high temperature, what details should we pay attention to the diesel forklift? Next, Hifoune Forklift Factory will give you a brief introduction.
1. Before entering the heatstroke prevention holiday, make preparations in advance. If necessary, release the winter grease at the engine, drive, transmission, steering gear, etc. of diesel internal combustion forklift truck, and fill the summer grease according to the regulations after cleaning.
2. Clean the dirt of the cooling system immediately and check the radiator of the heat pipe radiator. Regularly check the tightness of the engine belt.
3. Pay attention to prevent the engine from overheating during the operation of diesel internal combustion forklift truck, and pay attention to the marked reading value of the coolant temperature gauge at any time and anywhere.
4. Always check the temperature and standard air pressure of the tire. If necessary, stop in a cool place and operate again after the tire temperature is reduced. Do not use the method of releasing air or pouring cold water to reduce the pressure and temperature. It is very easy to reduce the service life of the tire.
5. Adjust the relative density of the electrolyte of the lithium battery, connect the vent on the battery cover, and add purified water as appropriate.
6. To prevent high-frequency application, it is suggested that the car should be stopped after 4-6 hours of continuous application, and it should be applied after 45 minutes of temperature reduction in the shade.
7. In case of heavy rain and temperature in summer, it is not necessary to operate outdoors in rainy days as much as possible.
8. Before the operation of diesel internal combustion forklift truck, ensure sufficient energy. If you feel bored, dizzy, dull, etc. during the operation, you should immediately stop to rest, or use cold water to wipe your face to cheer up, to ensure the stability of driving operation.
The main types of forklifts we produce include 2.5ton diesel forklifts, 3 ton diesel forklifts, 4 ton diesel forklifts, etc., as well as other larger and heavier forklifts. There are also dual-fuel forklift and Lpg gasoline forklift. In addition, we also have electric forklift. If you have any interest in the above forklift or you have better views and opinions on our brief introduction above, you are also welcome to communicate with us. We will also contact you in the shortest time to share our experience on forklift.
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