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What should I pay attention to when using forklifts in winter

What should I pay attention to when using forklifts in winter

  • 2022-12-02
It is very difficult to start the forklift in winter due to the low temperature, which will affect the working efficiency. Accordingly, the use of forklift maintenance also has a great impact. The cold air increases the viscosity of lubricating oil and reduces the atomization performance of diesel and gasoline. If the forklift cannot be used correctly at this time, the starting effect will be directly affected, and even the forklift accessories will be damaged. To this end, we have prepared some precautions for you to use electric forklifts and diesel forklifts and lpg gasoline forklift in winter, hoping to help you
1. Maintenance of forklift brake
(1) Check and replace the forklift brake fluid. Pay attention to selecting the brake fluid with good low-temperature fluidity and low water absorption, and prevent moisture from mixing, so as to avoid the brake failure caused by freezing. (2) Check the drain switch of the oil-water separator of electric forklift and internal combustion forklift. The dirt release switch can drain the water in the brake system pipeline to prevent it from freezing. The poor performance must be replaced in time.
2. Timely replace all kinds of oil of electric forklift and diesel forklift
(1) The increase of diesel viscosity at low temperature makes its fluidity worse, atomization worse, combustion worse, and the starting performance, power performance, and economy of diesel engine decrease significantly. Therefore, diesel oil with low freezing point, pallet truck and oil tank truck shall be selected, that is, the freezing point of the selected diesel oil is generally 6 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.
(2) At low temperature, the viscosity of the engine oil of electric forklift and internal combustion forklift increases with the decrease of temperature, the fluidity becomes worse, the friction resistance increases, and the diesel engine is difficult to start. Therefore, the engine oil with lower viscosity should be replaced in time.
(3) In winter, gear oil and grease shall be replaced with winter gear oil for transmission, reducer and steering gear, and low-temperature grease shall be used for hub bearing.
(4) Hydraulic or hydraulic transmission oil In winter, the hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission system of the equipment should be replaced with hydraulic and hydraulic transmission oil in winter to prevent the forklift from working poorly or even failing to work due to the increased viscosity of the oil in winter.
3. Adjust the forklift fuel supply system
(1) Properly increase the fuel injection volume of the forklift diesel engine fuel injection pump, lower the fuel injection pressure, and allow more diesel to enter the forklift cylinder, so that the fuel required for starting the diesel engine in winter is about twice as much as normal. For electric hydraulic forklift and manual forklift, the auxiliary starting device shall be fully used for the fuel injection pump with starting enrichment device.
(2) In winter, if the valve clearance is too small, the valves of electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts will not be closed tightly, the cylinder compression pressure will be insufficient, the starting will be difficult, and the wear of parts will be aggravated. Therefore, the valve clearance of forklift can be appropriately adjusted in winter.
4. Maintain the cooling system
(1) Forklift diesel engine insulation In order to ensure reliable operation of the diesel engine, reduce fuel consumption and reduce mechanical wear, forklift thermal insulation must be done well. Cover the radiator with a curtain in front of the diesel engine radiator to reduce heat loss and keep the engine temperature not too low. (2) Check the thermostat of water-cooled diesel engine. If the diesel engine runs at low temperature frequently, the wear of parts will increase exponentially. In order to increase the temperature rapidly in winter, the thermostat can be removed, but it must be reinstalled before summer.
(3) Remove the scale in the forklift water jacket, check the water drain switch and clean the water jacket to prevent the scale from affecting the heat dissipation. At the same time, maintain the water drain switch in winter and replace it in time. Do not replace it with bolts or rags to prevent the parts from freezing and cracking.
(4) The cooling system shall be thoroughly cleaned before filling antifreeze, and high-quality antifreeze shall be selected to avoid corrosion of forklift parts due to inferior antifreeze quality. In winter, start the diesel engine with hot water at about 80 ℃ every day. After operation, drain all cooling water and keep the switch open.
5. Maintenance of electrical equipment
(1) Check and adjust the electrolyte density of the electric forklift. Note that the electrolyte density of the electric forklift battery can be increased to 1.28-1.29g/m3 in winter. If necessary, make a sandwich insulation box for it to prevent the electric forklift battery from freezing and affecting the starting performance. When the temperature is lower than - 50 ℃, the storage battery shall be placed in the warm room after daily operation.
(2) When the generator terminal voltage is raised and the discharge capacity of the electric storage oil is large at low temperature, the charging capacity of the generator must be increased, and the limit voltage of the regulator should be appropriately raised to increase the voltage at the generator terminal. The generator terminal voltage in winter shall be 0.6V higher than that in summer.

(3) Maintenance of forklift starter The diesel engine is difficult to start in winter, and the starter is used frequently. If the power of the starter is slightly insufficient, it can be used in summer, but it will be difficult or even impossible to start the forklift in winter. Therefore, the forklift starter should be thoroughly maintained before winter.

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