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What should we do when using forklifts at high temperatures

What should we do when using forklifts at high temperatures

  • 2021-05-14
What should we do when using forklifts at high temperatures

1. In hot weather, forklift trucks are prone to radiator "boiling", fuel supply system air resistance, battery "water loss", hydraulic brake failure due to expansion and deformation of the leather cup, and the air pressure in the tire increases with the outside temperature. An unfavorable phenomenon such as an explosion that affects safe operation occurs.

2. Due to the relatively high temperature, the driver's sleep is affected (such as mosquito bites, etc.), so mental fatigue and heat stroke are prone to occur during work, which is not conducive to safe operation.

3. There are more thunderstorms. Due to the water on the road area, the adhesion is reduced, and the forklift is prone to slipping and affecting safety.

Problems that should be paid attention to during forklift operation in summer

1. When entering the summer vacation, the forklift maintenance should be done in advance, and the winter lubricating grease from the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering gear, etc. should be released, and the summer lubricating grease should be filled according to the regulations after cleaning.

2. Clean the water channel, remove the scale in the cooling system, clear the heat sink of the radiator, and check the tightness of the fan belt frequently.

3. Adjust the engine regulator to appropriately reduce the charging current and voltage.

4. During forklift operation, always pay attention to the indicated reading of the coolant temperature gauge to prevent the engine from overheating. If the coolant temperature is too high, take cooling measures to maintain the coolant level, and pay attention to prevent the coolant when adding it.

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