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What to do if the brakes of electric forklifts get hot

What to do if the brakes of electric forklifts get hot

  • 2021-05-08
What to do if the brakes of electric forklifts get hot

If the brake system of an electric forklift has overheated, you should find a safe place to stop, and then cool the brakes, but this cooling method is relatively slow.

The fastest way to cool down is to continue driving, but do not use the brakes, so that the air passing through the surface of the brake disc will take away the heat of the brake disc.

If the brake system is overheated, it will reduce the braking force and extend the braking distance, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, when you use the brake system, you must maintain the correct usage habits, so as to avoid overheating of the brake system.

When going down some steep and long slopes, don't just rely on the braking system to decelerate. At this time, you should put in a low-speed gear, so that the engine brake can be used to help the electric forklift decelerate.

If you only rely on the braking system to decelerate, it is easy to cause the braking system to overheat and fail, which is very dangerous.

When using the car in normal times, always check the brake system. It is recommended that you check the thickness of the brake pads and the condition of the brake discs during maintenance.

If the brake pads and brake discs are severely worn, they should be replaced immediately.

The brake fluid in the brake system also needs to be replaced regularly. Brake fluid can be absorbed easilyby water. If the water content of the brake fluid is too high, the braking force will be reduced and the braking distance will be extended.

When the water content of the brake fluid reaches 3%, it should be replaced immediately.


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