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Where can Hifoune forklifts be used

Where can Hifoune forklifts be used

  • 2022-04-26
We all know that forklifts are used to carry goods. Forklifts are divided into many types, including diesel forklifts, lpg forklifts, electric forklifts and heavy-duty forklifts. The application range of forklift trucks is very wide. Today, the hifoune forklift truck manufacturer will introduce to you what the forklift trucks produced by our forklift truck factory can be used in?
Light hydraulic forklifts are widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, petroleum, chemical, tobacco, chemical fibers, warehouses, etc. , Prohibit fire.
Hydraulic trucks play a very important role in the enterprise logistics system and are the main force in mobile transportation equipment. (Related reading: How many things can a hydraulic truck carry at one time).
Transit industry: access to freight yards, warehouses, cabins, carriages and containers
Livestock Farming: Transporting Forage
Grain factory: Grain handling, bagged flour handling, wheat gluten handling, barley handling, grain handling, rice handling
Food industry handling: super bagged snacks handling, fruit handling, meat handling, toilet paper handling
Chemical industry: chemical, textile, pigment, fabric handling
Processing manufacturers use: tobacco handling, cotton spinning handling
The use of large-scale decoration industry: subway construction, urban high-rise building facilities construction, painting
Pharmaceutical: packing case handling, Chinese herbal medicine handling, finished product handling, pharmaceutical equipment handling, chemical handling
Machining and manufacturing industry: forgings, castings
Special industry use: electric power, gas storage tank handling, large battery handling
Production and processing operations: home brewing koji stirring, tea production and processing stirring
Coal industry: coal mine transportation, operation equipment handling
Water production and processing industry: pure water handling, bottled water handling, bottled water handling
Injection industry: model conveying, plastic mold conveying, small and medium-sized mold conveying
Mold industry: iron molds, plastic molds, ceramic molds, etc.
The above is the main application range of our forklifts, and our forklifts can be used in different aspects according to different forklift attachments. For example, there are some data such as paper bag clips, brick clips, rotary pushers and so on. As long as the forklift is purchased in our forklift factory, we will design the most suitable forklift configuration for the customer according to the customer's needs.
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