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Where is the forklift used

Where is the forklift used

  • 2021-11-25
Forklift truck are important equipment in the logistics system of modern manufacturing enterprises. They are mainly used for the transportation of various materials and provide an important guarantee for the flexibility, integration and efficient operation of the system.
Millions of tons of various types of goods pass through the port every year. Once a ship is docked, the loading and unloading workers must carry out loading and unloading operations at the maximum speed. Such material handling usually involves forklifts and often requires fittings. When the paper roll clamp is unloaded from the ship to the warehouse, it usually needs to handle multiple rolls (up to 8 at a time). Because the paper roll is easily damaged, the forklift must be equipped with the most advanced paper roll clamp to handle many types of paper rolls. The transportation chain of paper rolls is usually quite long (from the production site to the printer may require up to 15 handling stages), forklifts need to be equipped with special and effective attachments to transport the paper rolls at all stages and reduce the damage and deformation of the paper rolls.

Xiamen Hifoune Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an expert in forklift truck 3 ton products. It can provide professional forklifts and attachments for this kind of handling conditions, which are widely used in various fields of manufacturing.

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