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Why are some diesel forklifts underpowered

Why are some diesel forklifts underpowered

  • 2022-01-26

We know that now forklifts have good applications in all walks of life. So for the various performance or failures of the forklift, do you know how to deal with it? For example, when your forklift encounters a lack of power, how will you deal with this? Below, our forklift factory will briefly analyze why the forklift is underpowered and how to deal with the problem of insufficient forklift power.

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When the power of the forklift is insufficient, the following situations may occur.
1. Small fuel supply
1) When adjusting the fuel injection pump, because the temperature in the laboratory is too low or too high, although it is adjusted according to the technical specifications, it will appear that the fuel supply is insufficient when used on an electric forklift diesel engine. In this case, simply adjust the fuel supply.
2) The piston pair is worn and the oil supply is reduced. The oil supply can be appropriately increased. If the wear is serious, the plunger pair should be replaced, and the fuel injection pump should be readjusted.
2. There is air in the oil cavity, which causes air resistance and reduces the oil supply.
When the engine is working, loosen the bleed screw of the fuel injection pump one by one. If there are air bubbles escaping, it can be concluded that it is air resistance to be eliminated.
3. Insufficient oil delivery of the oil pump: wear of the oil pump, blockage of the fine filter, failure of the oil return valve, etc., will reduce the oil supply.
4. The power is suddenly found to be insufficient during operation: it may be that the adjusting gear rod is stuck and cannot be moved to the maximum oil supply position; or the moving parts of the governor are stuck, the governor spring is broken, etc.
5. The acceleration response is not sensitive: the fuel supply time is too early or too late.

The above is the reason why forklift truck power is often insufficient, so how can we improve this problem? We only need to make corresponding solutions according to the problems found, so that we can solve the problem of insufficient power of the forklift. At the same time, the forklift should be maintained and repaired accordingly, so that the forklift can be better protected and the service life of the forklift can be extended.

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