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Why choose Hifoune electric fork

Why choose Hifoune electric fork

  • 2023-07-20
With the development of The Times, the concept of environmental protection and energy saving has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the electric fork has become a popular trend in the forklift industry. Hifoune is also constantly updating its products, introducing its own electric fork. Hifoune electric forks are focused on efficiency and battery life. Taking 2 ton electric fork as an example, it can be seen in comparison with some electric fork brands.

The Hifoune fork travels and lifts faster than most other Chinese brands, with a travel speed of 13 km /15 h and a lift speed of 270 mm /460 s. Other similar brands of electric fork lift speed is only 10 km/12 h, lifting speed is only 230 mm/40 s. As a result, customers feel very flexible when using Hifoune forklifts, which greatly increases productivity.
In addition, the climbing ability of the Hifoune electric fork is also first-class. For forklifts, climbing ability is very important, which can affect the efficiency and safety of driving. Hifoune's forklifts have a stronger climbing ability and can be used in places with a certain slope. The Hifoune fork has a climbing capacity of 15/16%. The climbing capacity of most other brands of forklifts is 14/15%. So the Hifoune fork is not only more efficient, it can also be applied to a variety of terrain.

Why is Hifoune electric fork so strong? Because Hifoune electric fork pays more attention to the configuration of the motor than other brands. The standard drive motor efficiency of most other brands of electric forklifts is only AC 6.8KW, and the standard lift motor efficiency is DC 8.6kw. The Hifoune fork has a standard drive motor efficiency of AC 6.8kw and a standard lift motor efficiency of DC 10.5kw. Therefore, Hifoune electric fork has high efficiency in the actual operation process.

At the same time, the performance of the Hifoune electric fork is also first-class. Hifoune forks have a standard battery capacity of 560AH, while most other brands have a standard battery capacity of 490Ah, and if you need to increase to 560Ah, you need to buy an optional battery. Therefore, at the same price point, Hifoune forklift truck performance and endurance are extremely cost-effective.

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