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Why the fuel consumption of forklifts will increase

Why the fuel consumption of forklifts will increase

  • 2021-11-17
The forklifts eats engine oil because the engine cylinder liner is seriously worn so that the gap between it and the piston ring is too large, and the engine oil escapes into the combustion chamber. The gap between the engine cylinder liner and the piston is relatively large, mainly due to the thermal expansion of the piston, and the existence of the gap will not block the piston. However, the gap is too large to seal the combustible gas, so a piston ring is installed, and the piston ring plays a sealing role by its own elasticity.
If the engine is used for a long time, or the early wear caused by engine overheating, lack of oil and poor lubrication, etc., the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder liner will be destroyed, causing the problem of "eating oil". At the same time, the engine power will drop and fuel consumption will be reduced. Increase, lower exhaust, fast oil consumption and other issues.
The engine should be repaired as soon as possible if it is found to be "eating oil", and the four sets should be replaced to restore the normal state of the engine.

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