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Canadian Customer Henry Kroeger Visits Hifoune Forklift Factory for Factory Inspection

  • 2023-03-28
On the morning of March 16th, Canadian customer Henry Kroeger visited the Hifoune forklift manufacturer for preliminary factory inspection. Hifoune extended a warm welcome to Mr. Henry Kroeger's arrival.
Mr. Henry Kroeger visited the company's forklift production workshops and warehouses, and gained a deeper understanding of the company's production and operation, product system, and research and development capabilities.
During the factory inspection process, the communication atmosphere between the two parties was harmonious. With strong research and development capabilities, high-quality production standards, standardized production processes, and scientific management systems, Hifoune Forklift was recognized by Mr. Henry Kroeger.
From the customer's perspective, conducting a supplier review before placing an order is a part of the procurement process. Mr. Henry Kroeger also visited Hifoune's forklift vehicle testing work, which is a further test and verification of the overall performance of the forklift, and is the final checkpoint for the qualified production and delivery of the forklift. Based on the pursuit of the ultimate performance of forklift trucks and the adherence to the concept of supreme quality, Hifoune has strict requirements for forklift testing. Through long-term and continuous high-strength testing, it has verified the reliability of forklift operation, braking, lifting and lowering, gantry tilt, and braking performance, and provided important technical support for quality improvement.
For foreign investors, the main purpose of factory inspection is to protect their company's brand image. Factory inspection can effectively monitor labor, quality, and other issues in contracted factories, which is conducive to protecting and enhancing the value of the company's brand and avoiding loss of the company's reputation. Obtaining competitive advantage through factory inspection can strengthen the company's brand image.

Therefore, if a factory wants to obtain more production orders, it must do a good job in factory inspection. This is a solid foundation for Chinese manufacturing enterprises to firmly cooperate with international buyers, expand foreign markets, and lay a solid foundation for long-term development

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