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Changes and reforms in paper roll handling equipment

  • 2023-09-13

In the early days, the handling of paper rolls was generally carried out using a skewer in conjunction with a forklift. Because of the original paper roll production process, the paper roll is made, its bottom surface will have a through the center of the hole, the string rod is based on the use of this hole and the birth of the handling method; when the string rod into the paper roll of the hole, control the forklift truck, you can realize the paper roll of the lifting and handling.

Although the skewer solves the problem of handling cylindrical paper rolls, it has created some other problems in actual handling. First of all, the diameter of the string rod size, decided that it is compatible with the upward attachment, that is, it can not handle the hole size smaller than its diameter of the paper rolls; and the string rod itself corresponds to the upper limit of the carrying capacity, but also decided to support it upward ceiling, that is to say, the paper rolls of the string rod to adapt to the scope is not large.

Secondly, due to the paper roll itself is generally small hole diameter, paper roll hole diameter and the diameter of the skewer is often not far apart, the tolerance is very small, which greatly increases the skewer intact skewer into the paper roll of the operating difficulties and operating time, skewer operation is often accompanied by damage to the paper roll. Based on this situation, the later forklift skewer mainly focuses on steel rolls and other metal materials handling applications, and gradually withdrawn from the paper roll handling scene.

As a reform of the handling equipment, the paper roll clamp has a very different structure from the skewer. Paper roll holding clamp has double clamping arm, clamping arm shape is arc-shaped, close to the surface curvature of the paper roll; clamping arm can be controlled by the hydraulic system to loosen, when holding the clamp after holding the paper roll, the hydraulic system immediately lock, to achieve the stability of the paper roll clamping. Compared with the skewer, which has only one fixed type, the paper roll clamp is undoubtedly more flexible.

From the skewer to the paper roll clamp, paper roll handling equipment has been continuously innovated. The emergence of tandem rods has effectively alleviated the plight of manual paper roll handling and promoted the application of forklift handling attachments in the paper industry; paper roll clamps are a step further, providing a comprehensive solution for paper roll handling. In this change of paper roll handling equipment, forklift attachments is the protagonist, technical innovation is the means, efficient application is the purpose. Today, the paper industry in the figure of the paper roll holding clip can be seen everywhere, this is the results of technological change.

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