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China Hifoune Forklift Factory

  • 2023-05-16
Under the influence of energy crisis and other factors, the supply of foreign brands of forklift trucks was blocked, and the delivery cycle was significantly extended; The leading domestic forklift enterprises have maintained outstanding supply capacity and continued to accelerate their overseas expansion. In 2022, China exported 36150000 forklifts, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%, and the proportion of exports increased to 34.5%. In addition, electric forklifts in overseas markets such as Europe still rely mainly on lead-acid batteries, and domestic brands of lithium-ion forklifts have outstanding advantages. With the continuous substitution of lithium-ion batteries for lead-acid batteries, domestic brands are expected to achieve overtaking in corners overseas.

China Hifoune forklift manufacturer is even more unstoppable. Since 2019, it has exported to 127 countries and sold nearly 10000 forklifts. The factory is fully equipped and has its own complete vehicle warehouse and accessory warehouse. Nowadays, we have also developed new electric forklifts that are in line with international standards, and our sales have steadily increased, keeping up with international trends.

hifoune electric forklift

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