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Diesel forklift engine overhaul method and maintenance and disassembly steps

  • 2021-10-21
How to take apart and wash the engine
1. First, remove the engine from the forklift, and it must be done in a state where the engine is completely cooled, otherwise it will cause deformation of some parts.
 1. Water is discharged from the engine cooling system, and engine oil and hydraulic oil are discharged from the engine and hydraulic transmission.
 2. Remove the safety shed and seat, remove the radiator cover, and remove the exhaust pipe muffler.
 3. Remove the foot pedal, remove the radiator, exhaust pipe and its accessories.
 4. Disassemble the connecting parts (hoses, ducts, etc.) of the engine and hydraulic transmission and other systems.
 5. Decompose the connection between the engine and the main drive (universal joints, etc.).
 6. Hang the engine on the lifting equipment and unscrew the plug bolts connected with the frame.
 7. Lift the engine with lifting equipment and place the engine on the bench.
Check wear
1. First look at the color and quality of the oil, whether there are iron filings on the surface, and look at the viscosity of the oil. For example, there are a lot of iron filings in the engine oil, indicating that the crankshaft or connecting rod bushes need to be ground, or even the crankshaft is worn. If the machine is very viscous, it means that the oil has not been changed for a long time.
2. When disassembling the crankshaft of the connecting rod piston, observe the conditions of the connecting rod bearing and crankshaft bearing. If it is found that the entire connecting rod cannot be used after being ground, if the crankshaft is not severely ground, it can be used after grinding the shaft. .
 3. Observe the wear of the cylinder liner, and pay attention not to hit the engine body when the cylinder liner is disassembled to prevent damage.
 So far, it is the main step of engine maintenance. Although it seems simple, it also requires long-term accumulation of experience to repair an engine. Any error in a small detail will cause the engine to not operate normally, so of course, the maintenance of the engine requires experienced personnel to operate it, and you must not blindly do it.

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