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Drivers should always be aware of the distance and wheelbase when operating forklifts

  • 2023-08-08
Drivers should always calculate the minimum distance of the forklift from the ground. Ground clearance refers to the situation of ground clearance on the outside of the wheels when the vehicle is in motion, but the calculation of this clearance should start from a fixed point on the body of the vehicle. Why should this distance be calculated? This is because the vehicle will inevitably encounter some obstacles on the ground during traveling. If the obstacle cannot be moved, the vehicle must maintain a certain distance from the ground when passing. Generally speaking, we recommend that the ground clearance can be slightly smaller to ensure that the vehicle can pass safely. However, the larger the ground clearance figures we see, the better the stability of the vehicle.

Drivers should always be aware of the wheelbase and distance between forklifts. These are also two of the most basic figures, measured from the front and rear to the centerline. Generally speaking, when these data are added, they are actually very beneficial to the longitudinal stability of the vehicle's operation. The longer the vehicle length, the longer the associated record and the smaller the minimum turning radius data. But on the other hand, the greater the track width, the greater the lateral stability. Requiring a wide vehicle, the minimum turning radius is slightly larger. In short, throughout the entire driving process, it is important to pay attention to the different surrounding conditions, not just to the immediate driving, but also to the surrounding obstacles and so on.

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