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Forklift Inspection

  • 2023-07-14
Forklift Inspection
Forklifts are often used to transport heavy loads on construction sites, in warehouses, businesses and technical laboratories, and daily forklift inspections are a must to prevent accidents and protect staff. This press release will introduce the necessity of forklift inspections, including the laws and regulations and safety rules for forklift inspections.

1. Necessity of Forklift Inspection
Forklift trucks are usually used by operators to transport heavy loads in construction sites, warehouses, enterprises and technical laboratories, and their safety not only directly affects the smoothness of the transport, but also directly endangers the lives of the staff, therefore, operators of forklift trucks are obliged to carry out regular inspections in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Fire Services Law of the People's Republic of China, in order to ensure the safety of the forklift trucks in daily use.

2、Laws and regulations on forklift inspection
According to the Fire Services Law of the People's Republic of China, the Motor Vehicle Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, the Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, the inspection of forklift trucks must comply with the provisions of the Forklift Truck Operational Safety Technical Code.
(1) Regular Inspection
In accordance with the provisions in the Technical Code for Safety in Forklift Operation, forklifts must be inspected regularly, especially before starting and after use, it is essential to check the operating devices, control devices, modified forklifts and braking devices of the forklift, etc., so as to prevent the forklift from being used abnormally, which may result in accidents.
(2) Professional Inspection
Each inspection of the forklift must be participated by professionals, who should strictly inspect the dismantling and installation parts of the forklift, especially the power mechanism of the forklift, the braking device, the non-normal offering parts and so on, according to the requirements of the "Forklift Operational Safety and Technical Code", so as to ensure the safety of the forklift.

3、Safety rules
While checking the forklift, it should be carried out according to the professional skills of the operator and the safety rules for the use of forklift should be strictly implemented in order to prevent the forklift from abnormal situation so as to protect the safety of the operator. The detailed safety rules are as follows:
(1) Before running the forklift truck, it is necessary to confirm whether the road, terrain and environmental conditions meet the requirements;
(2) When the forklift truck is in operation, the road must depend on the situation and speeding is prohibited;
(3) On the forklift, the personnel safety belt must be properly installed;
(4) The load of the forklift truck must be within the prescribed limits;
(5) It is prohibited to operate a forklift truck with an overload.
Forklift inspection is necessary, must comply with the "People's Republic of China Fire Services Law", "People's Republic of China Motor Vehicle Safety Law", "People's Republic of China Work Safety Law" and other laws and regulations, as well as the "Forklift Operational Safety Technical Specification" of the provisions of the inspection, and the inspection must be participated by professionals; in the inspection at the same time should be strictly enforced the rules of safety in order to ensure that forklift safety, for the operator to The inspection must be carried out by professionals.

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