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Forklift main components

  • 2023-08-02

1, power plant: diesel engine (FD), gasoline engine (FG), battery group (FB or FRB).

2, transmission device: hydraulic transmission (also known as automatic wave, T), mechanical transmission (also known as manual wave, C)

3, frame device: two wide field of view (VM), two full freedom (VFM), three full freedom (VFHM).

4. Drive axle: Because it is in the front of the forklift truck, it is also called the front axle.

5, the steering bridge: because it is at the back of the forklift truck, it is also called the rear bridge. There are horizontal cylinder type and pull rod type two.

6, electrical equipment: lamps, wiring harnesses, meters, relays, switches, sensors, circuit boards, batteries, etc.

7, hydraulic device: hydraulic oil pump, multi-way valve, oil cylinder, direction machine, high and low pressure tubing and joints.

8, chassis parts: frame, seat, roof guard frame, balance weight, engine cover, etc.

According to the form of accessories, the following parts can also be added:

9, cooling device: water tank, water pump, fan, fan belt, thermostat, upper and lower water pipes.

10, brake device: brake pump, brake pump, brake shoe, hand brake and cable.

11, filter element: air filter, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, transmission filter, transmission box filter, hydraulic oil tank oil filter, hydraulic oil tank oil filter.

12, forklift tires and rims: pneumatic tires, solid tires. Split rim, integral rim.

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