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Forklift sales will continue to maintain rapid growth

  • 2021-10-20
Forklifts refer to offshore wheeled transport vehicles that carry out various transportation such as loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation and heavy object handling operations for pieces of goods. They are usually composed of power systems, transmission systems, steering systems, hydraulic systems, and China's forklift industry. The rapid development of the country is mainly affected by factors such as the level of national economic development, the degree of industrialization of the country, and the economic growth of households. The next five years. China's forklift sales will continue to grow rapidly, providing further development space and opportunities for China's industrial automation.
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Hot spot one: Industrial restructuring and development of electric forklifts
China has become the world's largest producer of forklifts since 2009, but the industrial structure of China's forklifts is seriously unbalanced. The production and sales of internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts are extremely uneven. Forklifts manufactured and used in China, internal combustion forklifts are the main volume, while electric forklifts have decreased. In the context of "green" environmental protection, electric vehicles have market space in large-scale food, wholesale and retail, and pharmaceutical industries due to their advantages of pollution and low noise.
Hot spot two: The development of the logistics industry has stimulated the demand for the forklift market
As a flying engineering vehicle born in material handling equipment, forklifts are an important part of the logistics industry. The current Chinese logistics industry tools have entered a stage of rapid development. The increase in national production capacity, the optimization and adjustment of the economic structure, and the improvement of people's living standards have all stimulated the logistics business volume. Policies, the Chinese government has continued to provide multiple facilitation policy guidelines in logistics. In 2011, the General Office of the State Council of China developed the "Policies and Measures for the Healthy Development of the Logistics Industry". pace.
Highlight 3: Overseas demand, Chinese forklift exports

For example, leading companies in the forklift industry in China have continuously improved their forklift manufacturing technology, forklift production scale and after-sales service. , Health, environmental protection, consumer protection and other industry regulations, only then can the main forklift products of Chinese forklift companies be exported to Europe; Hangzhou Forklift Co., Ltd., as the leading forklift truck in China, has established a cooperative relationship with UPS, the true core of international logistics. , Its forklift products are widely used in UPS global logistics centers, which also indicates that the advantages of China's forklift products in the international market are generally reflected in the international market.

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