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Forklift trucks need to pay attention to the details of the operation in the high temperature

  • 2023-07-10
Hot summer, forklift in the hot sun work under the work frequency becomes larger, we need to pay more attention to the safe use of forklift and the operator's summer work, as follows.
1, into the summer before, in advance to make preparations, if necessary, put out the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering and other places of the winter lubricant, clean and refill the summer lubricant according to the provisions of the lubricant.
2, timely removal of cooling system scale, check the radiator fins. Check the tightness of the fan belt from time to time.
3、Pay attention to avoid overheating of the engine during the operation, and pay attention to the indication reading of the coolant temperature gauge at any time.
4, often check the tyre temperature and air pressure, if necessary, should be parked in the shade, until the tyre temperature drops and then continue to work, shall not be used to deflate or pour cold water to lower the pressure and temperature, easy to reduce the service life of the tyre.
5、Adjust the density of battery electrolyte, and unclog the ventilation holes on the battery cover, depending on the condition of the filling of distilled water.
6, avoid high-frequency use, it is recommended that after 4-6 hours of continuous use of the vehicle should be stopped, in the ventilation of the natural cooling about 45 minutes after use.
7, summer rainy weather, try not to rainy day open air operation, do not wade in the water operation.
8, before the operation to ensure energetic, such as the operation of energy boredom, lethargy, slow reaction, etc., should immediately stop the car to rest, or use cold water to wipe the face to revitalise the energy to ensure the safety of driving operations.

In addition, remind you of an important point: do a good job in advance to prevent heat stroke measures to avoid forklift drivers heat stroke.

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