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Forklift with rotary side shifter

  • 2023-08-08

Forklift is a versatile, flexible and efficient material handling equipment, under normal circumstances, forklift is standard equipped with a pair of fork, mainly through the fork to fork, withstand the goods placed on the pallet, and then through the lift of the forklift itself, tilt and other actions to achieve the stacking of goods, loading and unloading operation. But in the real forklift operation, many goods without pallets or can not be placed on the pallet need to be loaded and unloaded or handled, many of these goods are not on the pallet can not be operated by the fork, such as food, chemical, sanitation, material recycling, smelting and casting industries many materials for the barrel liquid, not only need loading and unloading, handling and moving and need to flip operations, The traditional turn-over operation is mainly manual, which is not only labor-intensive, but also inefficient and dangerous, especially in the chemical industry, and the smelting and casting industry cannot be manually operated.

Hifoune recently assembled a 5-ton forklift truck with a rotary sideshifter. Rotary sideshifter, as the name suggests, is a combination of rotary and sideshifter. The spinner allows the fork to be rotated to one side in a tipping motion. The advantage of the spinner is that it can be used to dump the contents of the bin. You can also tip the container to the side. The sideshifter allows the load to be moved from one side to the other. The side shifter helps you maneuver the forklift up close, so you can position the load to be stored at will. This rig can easily complete the handling, handling, and moving activities that require flipping operations. No manpower required, safety and efficiency significantly improved. It is easily qualified for jobs from light industry to heavy industry.

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