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General structure of internal combustion forklift

  • 2023-02-20
We know that there are many kinds of forklifts, but no matter what kind of forklifts, they are basically composed of the following four parts:
(1) Electrical equipment.
(2) Workpiece. It is used for baking and lifting goods.
(3) Chassis. Embrace the power of the power device to make the forklift move and ensure its normal operation.
(4) Power pad. It provides power for the forklift, which is usually installed at the rear of the forklift and plays the role of counterweight.
Due to the different structures and installation positions of the above four parts of the forklift, different types of forklift are formed. Counterweight forklift is a common form of forklift. Let's take this kind of forklift as an example to introduce the composition of each part of the forklift.
Internal combustion forklift is applicable to the loading, unloading and transfer of international single-sided pallet or non-plate goods. With small front legs, it is a widely used stacker with low price. The legless counterweight stacker has no front legs. Counterweight is required to ensure the level of the blade. The fork can be tilted back and forth properly, and has a wide range of applications.
Precautions for use of internal combustion forklift:
1. The load loaded by the internal combustion forklift cannot exceed its weight limit, otherwise the gantry may be deformed, and other parts may be seriously worn, resulting in unstable driving of the forklift and falling of goods.
2. After unloading, the fork should be lowered to the normal riding position before riding.
3. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signal lights should be put on. It is forbidden to turn sharply at high speed, which will cause the forklift to lose its lateral stability and tip over.
4. When the internal combustion forklift goes downhill, it is forbidden to stop and slide. In this state, it is difficult to restart due to stopping the machine, and the stopping state is not conducive to braking.
5. Under any special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake sharply on the forklift truck loaded with goods, otherwise the goods will overturn due to inertia.

Internal combustion forklift is a special vehicle, and a driver's license must be obtained before driving. In daily driving, forklift drivers must abide by traffic rules, not carry out dangerous operations such as overtaking, and remember the word "safety" when leaving the factory. If other colleagues encounter abnormal operation of Shenzhen diesel forklift, they should immediately notify relevant management personnel. The management personnel shall educate and train the personnel who violate the operation to ensure that there will be no safety problems next time.

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