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Global forklift manufacturing industry development history

  • 2023-08-10

From the global forklift manufacturing industry development history has been more than a hundred years, mainly for three stages:

Production and innovation stage (before and after the middle of the 20th century): In 1924, Clark designed a standard forklift named Duat, and then Hester, Rudolf, Yale and Towne and other enterprises successively invented and produced different forklift types such as electric forklift, cross-legged forklift, BT-type forklift and so on, and the forklift product range was rapidly expanding.

Rapid development stage (mid to late 20th century): During the Second World War, forklift trucks were widely used in the war because they greatly improved the loading and unloading efficiency of airports compared with manual loading and unloading. After the end of World War II, with the rapid development of the world's automobile industry, the technology and sales of forklift trucks have been developed rapidly, and gradually formed the United States, Germany and Japan, the three major forklift production bases.

Manufacturing transfer stage (the end of the 20th century - the beginning of the 21st century): the transfer of manufacturing to developing countries, the global forklift manufacturing industry began to transfer to developing countries such as China, China's forklift manufacturing industry rose rapidly, and began to seize the market in the international market.

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