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HIFOUNE lithium forklift will be on sale soon!

  • 2023-08-09
HIFOUNE has made new progress in the research and development of electric forklift, the new lithium forklift has been upgraded, waiting to obtain the relevant certificate of lithium battery export, and then formally open for sale. The capacity is 2-2.5 tons, 3-3.5 tons and 5 tons respectively.

As we all know, lithium battery belongs to dangerous goods, it needs to go through layers and layers of strict examination and approval when exporting, MSDS certificate, cargo transportation identification report, UN38.3 certificate and test report can't be missing. However, no matter how cumbersome the export procedure is, due to the advantages of lithium battery itself, it attracts the attention of the majority of customers. In the past, most of the electric counterbalance forklifts mainly use lead-acid batteries, need to wait for complete discharge before charging, and charging time is long, low energy density, but also need to be often supplemented with distilled water. Lithium batteries, on the contrary, not only can be charged as you go, charging speed is also extremely fast. Fully charged in just 2 hours, the continuous working time can be up to 6 hours, for high efficiency operation of the enterprise is the right choice.

At present, China's lithium battery technology is in a leading position in the world, which makes China's electric forklift trucks have a higher cost-effective ratio than those in Europe and the United States. Lithium batteries in electric counterbalanced forklifts are gradually replacing lead-acid forklifts. With the rise of lithium industry chain in the past five years, more electric counterbalance forklifts start to use lithium batteries, and the application of lithium forklifts will be more and more extensive in the future.HIFOUNE has been adjusting and upgrading all kinds of products according to the market and customer needs, in order to achieve long-term development and live up to the trust of customers.

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