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How forklifts avoid collision with shelves

  • 2022-05-13
In large warehouses, it is very frequent to use forklifts, stackers and other equipment to move goods, which will inevitably collide with the shelves in the warehouse. In particular, some inexperienced forklift drivers have limited operation or skill, causing damage to guardrails, corbels and pallets. A few precautions, hoping to reduce the chance of the forklift colliding with the shelf.
1. In the early stage of warehouse planning, the shelf designer can appropriately increase the width of the shelf channel according to the actual situation of the warehouse owner, and reserve some safety distance for the driver in advance, which can effectively reduce the collision of the forklift on the corbel.
2. Add protective sleeves, such as installing fork tine sleeves on forklifts, or adding protective sleeves on corbels and guardrails. However, although this method can reduce the damage to the shelf by the forklift, it provides opportunities for some drivers with poor technical skills, and it is difficult to judge the operation level of the driver.
3. Draw a visual deceleration line on the ground of the passage instead of the deceleration sign. In many cases, experienced drivers drive faster, and there is a certain distance between the measurement gap and the actual gap due to vision, so the simple deceleration sign may not be very effective.
4. Select experienced forklift drivers and conduct regular training. On the one hand, before forklift drivers enter the job, enhance pre-job training to improve drivers' safety awareness. On the other hand, after drivers enter the job, they should strengthen the assessment of forklift drivers.

In short, in order to reduce the collision between the forklift and the shelf, it is not only necessary to choose the perfect shelf planning plan given by the professional shelf manufacturer, but also the warehouse staff must be more attentive and careful, and constantly improve their professional skills.

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