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How many do you know about Lpg forklifts

  • 2021-10-15

In warehouses or places where clean air is required, forklift users generally can only use liquefied gas forklifts or battery forklifts. Ordinary diesel forklifts in refrigerated warehouses are difficult to start, and battery forklifts or lpg forklift gas should also be used. To the mechanical characteristics of the internal combustion engine do not meet the requirements for the constant power soft characteristics of the prime mover, and its output power increases with the increase of the speed. Therefore, the internal combustion engine must be equipped with a mechanical transmission, a hydraulic torque converter, or a hydraulic transmission device that increases the output torque before it can be used. The internal combustion forklift is opposite to the battery forklift. Its main advantages are: no charging equipment is required, the operation lasts long, the power is large, the climbing ability is strong, the road surface requirements are low, and the basic investment is low. If a suitable transmission method is adopted, ideal traction performance can be obtained. The disadvantages are: noise and vibration during operation, heavy exhaust gas and black smoke, and many maintenance times. Generally, when the lifting capacity is above the medium tonnage, internal combustion forklifts should be preferred.

lpg forklift truck

Among internal combustion forklifts, diesel engines are the most common in China. Forklifts with a lifting capacity of more than 3t basically all use diesel engines. This is because diesel engines consume less fuel. However, the LPG electronically controlled model produced by the Chinese forklift manufacturer hifoune Technology Co., Ltd. has a large lifting capacity and is not inferior to the diesel engine in power performance. The diesel forklift is not as good as this hifoune LPG forklift under many working conditions. In fact, forklifts with liquefied petroleum gas engines are widely used in foreign countries, and their fuel prices are low and they emit less exhaust gas.
In recent years, foreign internal combustion forklifts use liquid petroleum gas engines as their power devices. Most of them are dual-fuel forklifts. Their power devices can use gasoline or diesel as fuel, or use liquefied petroleum gas as fuel.
For example, the annual growth rate of forklifts using liquid petroleum gas in Germany has reached 160%, and the number of liquid petroleum gas forklifts in the United States and Japan is also increasing. In the United States, almost 90% of internal combustion trucks are LPG forklifts. At present, the voice against vehicle exhaust pollution is getting louder and louder. Therefore, in industrial vehicles driven by internal combustion engines, including forklifts, the use of LPG engines has become more widespread. This is because the use of LPG engines can not only avoid air pollution and reduce pollution, but also reduce engine wear. Extend engine life. At the same time, fuel costs can be reduced.
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