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How to avoid accidents during the use of hydraulic forklifts

  • 2023-05-12
With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the hydraulic forklift has become a common handling tool, which saves time and labor, is simple to operate, and is economical and practical. What are the main measures we should take to avoid danger during the use of hydraulic forklifts? Below, hifoune forklift manufacturers will introduce how forklifts can be used to avoid accidents.
1. Overloading of goods is prohibited. Compliance with the rated load is the primary factor for safe use, and each specification of forklift has its own rated load, which can easily cause danger or damage to the vehicle when exceeded.
2. Pay attention to controlling driving speed and direction. Smooth speed, slow down when turning to avoid collisions and rollovers.
3. The main goods are placed reasonably on the forks. When stacking, the forks are evenly stressed to avoid overturning, and the goods should not be too high. Extra high and large items should be placed upside down.
4. Operators should pay attention to their own safety. Wear protective shoes to avoid scratching or smashing your toes.
When using a forklift for work, it is important to pay attention to the above points to avoid danger. Before work, it is necessary to make sufficient preparations to ensure the safety of goods and personnel.
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