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How to become a HIFOUNE forklift agent

  • 2023-04-26
Xiamen Hifoune Technology Co., Ltd. has two forklift brands, HIFOUNE and UNITCM, mainly selling diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts, and electric forklifts. Among them, HIFOUNE brand forklifts are a self-developed series of products, while UNITCM brand forklifts are committed to providing customers with high-performance forklifts of the same quality as TCM. At present, Hifoune has 11 agents in the world market, including five exclusive agents in Britain, Ireland, Türkiye, Spain and Indonesia.
How to become an agent for Hifoune? What are the conditions for becoming an agent?
Firstly, having rich industry experience. Familiarity with forklifts and industry development trends is the most fundamental requirement for working in the forklift industry. Our company once encountered a Mexican customer who wanted to become a forklift agent across different industries, but the customer himself did not have industry knowledge and was unable to do so.
Secondly, there is a complete sales system. Agents themselves need to have a basic sales system, including stores, salespeople, after-sales, technical support, and so on. Hifoune will provide corresponding product training, as well as on-site and remote technical after-sales support for agents. At the same time, it will invite customers to visit the factory for on-site inspection and establish good trust and business cooperation relationships.
Thirdly, it has a certain sales potential. Our agents are divided into regular agents and exclusive agents. Our company does not have strict sales targets for ordinary agents, but if you want to become an exclusive agent that covers the local market, you need to have the corresponding strength. Completing the annual order targets signed in the agreement is essential, and becoming an exclusive agent can also help you explore a better market.
If you are interested in Hifoune forklifts, please feel free to consult our company at any time.

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