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How to better buy a forklift

  • 2022-02-08
Good handling equipment not only has the characteristics of flexible operation and convenient maintenance, but also has the characteristics of long service life, low use cost, low energy consumption and high productivity. The procurement of forklifts not only has the general characteristics of professional equipment procurement, but also has industrial considerations. factors, including the following aspects:
1. Whether it can withstand the test of harsh environment (poor working environment and heavy workload);
2. The overall quality of each part of the forklift, not just the engine;
3. The company's technology and brand influence in the field of forklifts;
4. Take the brands used by medium and large enterprises as reference objects.

For some large-scale purchases, companies usually take the form of bidding, inviting several powerful forklift companies to bid. The content of the tender often needs to be introduced from the performance, advantages and configuration of the forklift. After the contract signing, transportation, vehicle delivery and other links, after-sales service is also the focus of consideration.

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