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How to Better Choose Electric Forklifts

  • 2023-05-05
Fuel powered forklifts and electric forklifts are widely used in daily production and life. Internal combustion engine type forklifts are very suitable for outdoor use; Electric forklifts are more suitable for indoor use. The advantage of electric forklifts is that they are driven by electricity. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, they have the advantages of no pollution, easy operation, energy conservation, and efficiency. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people, the use of electric forklifts is also becoming increasingly widespread. Fuel powered forklifts have sufficient horsepower and power, and can work for long periods of time in various difficult environments. However, fuel powered forklifts have high noise levels, exhaust pollution, and engine maintenance and repairs are also troublesome and not clean. Electric forklifts, due to their pure electric motor, are very clean and quiet, easy to maintain and repair, and are more convenient to use indoors with zero pollution. Moreover, their operation is also very simple. Therefore, with the development of the times, electric forklifts have gradually replaced fuel powered forklifts. So, how do you choose a suitable electric forklift?
Electric forklifts can be divided into: electric handling trucks, electric stacking trucks, electric traction trucks, electric stacking trucks, sorting trucks, narrow aisle forklifts, etc. Among them, electric transport trucks and stacking trucks are more widely used, such as in warehouses, factories, households, farms, and other places. Compared to fuel forklifts, the operating cost is lower. Although the power is smaller than that of a fuel powered forklift, it can also meet the needs of daily production and life.
When selecting forklifts, the load center distance is a very important reference standard. The rated lifting mass of each type of electric forklift refers to the mass of goods that can be lifted when the center of gravity of the goods is within the standard load center distance of the electric forklift, the gantry of the electric forklift is vertical, and it reaches the standard lifting height of the forklift (the standard lifting height in China is 3000mm). Therefore, when selecting the tonnage of a forklift, users should consider the center distance: it should match the size of the center of gravity of the loading and unloading goods with the center of gravity of the forklift's standard load. If the center of gravity of the goods is equal to or less than the center distance of the forklift's standard load, the rated lifting weight of the selected forklift is equal to or approximately greater than the cargo volume. The rated weight of the forklift selected within this range is the most suitable and safe. If the center of gravity of the goods is greater than the standard load center distance of the forklift, the tonnage of the selected forklift should be determined based on the forklift load curve provided by the forklift sample.
In addition, in addition to the load center distance, the height of the gantry is also one of the considerations. The standard lifting height of forklifts is 3 meters. In order to meet the needs of users with different lifting heights, Hifoune has designed a series of 3 to 6 meter height gantry frames for users. In order to ensure the stability of forklifts, when the lifting height exceeds 3m, the lifting mass will be correspondingly reduced. Users can select the lifting mass based on the lifting height load curve of the forklifts or the corresponding lifting heights indicated on the forklift samples.
Due to the diversity of loading and unloading goods, forklifts are not only equipped with forks to pick up goods, but also equipped with various forklift accessories (such as hoppers, hooks, forward forks, oil drum clips, and paper roll clips) for users to choose from. At present, there are hundreds of types of forklift attachments, including domestically produced and imported forklift attachments from the United States, Germany, and Italy, which can be assembled on forklifts produced in China. Among them, the use of sideshifters is the most widespread. The side shifter can move the forks left and right, making it easier to move the goods. The sideshifter used by Hifoune is American Caster, with high quality.

Recently, Hifoune has also developed a new product - lead-acid electric forklift, which has a spacious and more comfortable operating platform. At present, the battery standard for most 3-ton forklifts on the market is 48V/400AH, while the standard for Hifoune 3-ton forklift lead-acid batteries is 80V/500AH Longer usage time. In addition, the seat cover of the Hifoune electric forklift can be fully opened to 90 degrees, making battery replacement and maintenance activities more convenient and safe. Afterwards, Haifan will also develop pure lithium electric forklifts. Stay tuned!

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