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How to better choose forklift accessories

  • 2022-08-04
We all know that the parts of the forklift are easily damaged during the work of the forklift, so how do we choose good forklift accessories?
1. During transportation, disassembly and storage, due to vibration and shock, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks are often formed at the joints, which affect the installation and use of parts. Therefore, we should pay attention to check the appearance and wear of accessories when purchasing.
2. When choosing forklift assembly or supporting applications, pay attention to the completeness of its parts and components, so as to ensure smooth and normal operation of the assembly. If some small parts on some assembly parts are missing, the whole assembly part cannot be used and will be damaged.
3. The product name, model specification, part number, etc. should be marked on the packing box and bag. Some key components, such as generator sets, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc. It also comes with a user manual, certificate of conformity and inspector's stamp to guide the user in proper application and maintenance. Be careful when buying to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.
4. The surface of Hifoune forklift parts has both a certain precision and a shiny finish. The more key parts, the higher the precision, and the stricter the packaging is to prevent rust and corrosion. Even used forklift parts have the same precision. It can be distinguished from the following points:
1. Look at the strength or hardness. The original parts have high design requirements, good quality and sophisticated manufacturing processes, but counterfeit and shoddy products cannot meet this condition, and the surface quality is relatively poor.
2. Look at the color. Some unscrupulous businessmen sell waste parts as qualified internal combustion forklift parts through simple processing, disassembly, painting and packaging, and illegally obtain high profits. Such parts can be identified by visual paint or performance inspection.

3. Look at the joints. There are several connection methods between parts, such as press fitting and welding. The accessories composed of two or more parts shall be press-fitted, glued or welded, and there shall be no looseness between the accessories, such as paper filter element holder, filter paper gluing, etc.; the wire ends of electrical equipment are welded.

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