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How to buy a satisfactory push-pull

  • 2023-07-19

As a material handling tool, forklift trucks are widely used in various industries. In actual operation, the forks gradually fail to meet certain operational requirements, so various types of attachments are extended and developed. Push-pull is a common forklift attachments, push-pull as the name implies, there are two actions of push and pull, in the tobacco industry, construction industry, as well as beverages, edible oils and other warehouses are very common.

Push-pulls are generally divided into two types: quick-fit and standard. Quick-fit models can be quickly installed on or removed from a forklift. The standard type is generally dedicated to the vehicle and is rarely dismantled. Therefore, usually, the fork plate of the quick release type pusher and puller is very thin and is placed directly on the fork of the forklift truck, using the fork to carry the weight. Mostly without side shift function (if you need side shift, you can use integral or external side shift on the forklift), and often recommend customers to choose the quick-change couplings, in order to achieve the quick access to the oil circuit; standard push-pull is the opposite, which is generally equipped with sufficient load-bearing capacity of the fork plate and side shift function. When installing, it is not necessary to keep the fork of the forklift truck.

The selection of push-pullers depends on the actual operation and the different loads to be carried. Briefly summarise the five selection points: 1) How many tonnes of load capacity are needed 2) Cargo length, width and height dimensions 3) How many tonnes of forklift truck load capacity are needed 4) Choose standard or quick release 5) Sliding plate should be retained or not.

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