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How to choose a better electric forklift

  • 2023-01-16
Electric forklift has become the preferred material handling equipment for the majority of customers in the industry. The market share of manual hydraulic truck and internal combustion forklift has also been gradually replaced by electric forklift. Based on the in-depth implementation of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, electric forklift will become a very popular material handling equipment in the new century. So, how to choose the ideal electric car?
1、 High performance and reliability.
For users, the accessories of the electric truck are very important. High-quality accessories ensure the overall performance of the product:
1. The AC and DC drive system makes the electric truck respond faster, control more accurately and operate more smoothly.
2. When the drive motor is fully loaded, it will continue to run at high speed. The full load climbing capacity is more than 8%. The full load climbing capacity is stronger, making the operation more extensive and efficient.
3. The AC controller has reliable quality and excellent performance, which can make the motor performance of the vehicle reach a very good state under different working conditions.
4. The pump station is stable and mature, with low noise, small vibration, good sealing, and automatic adjustment of no-load full-load lowering speed to ensure stable and reliable lifting.
2、 High security.
Any material and equipment should be designed on the basis of safety, otherwise it is difficult to develop for a long time. The important thing is safety.
1. High-quality electrical control system is sensitive and easy to operate.
2. Heavy design, compact structure, suitable for narrow space.
3. Large-capacity battery ensures long-term operation of the battery.
4. The imported hydraulic pump station makes the lifting of goods stable and powerful.
3、 It is easy to operate and learn.
The easier it is to operate, the more popular it is with customers and friends. Because of the advantages of convenient operation, simplicity and efficiency, the electric hauler has also been rapidly sold in the market.
1. The humanized design of the handle of the electric truck is beautiful and simple. All the operation functions can be realized by a simple handle.
2. The humanized design of the control handle of the electric carrier facilitates the operation of the left and right hands and improves the driving comfort.
3. The longer operating handle greatly reduces the steering force and makes the operation more flexible.
4. The steering angle of the handle is greater than 180 degrees, and the whole vehicle is shorter, which makes the turning radius of the vehicle smaller and increases the operating flexibility.
5. Slow driving function: put the handle in the near vertical state, and the driving speed will automatically reduce, which is convenient for accurate operation in a narrow space.
4、 The maintenance is easy.
Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and more reassuring to customers. It is also easier to use.
1. The AC drive motor has no carbon brush and basically requires no maintenance. The maintenance cost is greatly reduced.
2. The controller self-diagnosis system displays the fault code through the handheld device, which is more convenient to solve the fault.
3. The timer and electric energy meter are standard, which can easily remind the operator to charge in time.
4. Disassembly and assembly of the vehicle body is convenient and fast. Only two screws need to be removed and the rear cover removed. The main key components can be tested and repaired immediately. Each part in the vehicle can be replaced in a very short time.
5. The tank cover is easy to open to replenish distilled water or electrolyte for the battery.

The use and maintenance of electric forklift should not only consider the economy and practicality of use, but also consider personal safety. Unqualified parts are potential hazards that pose a threat to operators and surrounding workers. Therefore, the recommended regular maintenance method should be to ensure the good working condition of the vehicle.

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