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How to choose a suitable forklift

  • 2022-11-29
We all know that forklift has become one of the irreplaceable tools in various industries, especially in logistics and heavy cargo transfer. So, what problems should we pay attention to when purchasing forklifts?
1、 Load of hydraulic forklift
Generally speaking, diesel forklifts, lpg forklifts and electric forklifts are commonly used. Even in some large machinery or mines, they also use heavy forklifts. Here, heavy forklifts refer to forklifts of more than 12 tons. Under normal circumstances, we usually use forklifts of about 2 to 10 tons, or in the warehouse, more customers will also consider using electric forklifts, which can minimize its noise and reduce sound pollution.
2、 Width of hydraulic forklift fork
The width of the fork depends on the size of the pallet. Generally, the standard size of the manual hydraulic truck is divided into wide truck and narrow truck. The wide truck is 685 * 1200mm, and the narrow truck is 540 * 1150mm.
3、 Operation of hydraulic cylinder of hydraulic forklift
There are two main types of hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic forklift trucks sold on the market: one is a one-piece cylinder, and the other is a detachable and detachable type.
4、 Low height of hydraulic forklift
The height of the international pallet is 100mm, so the international height is below this.
5、 Hydraulic forklift wheel material
Please select the wheel materials according to the conditions of the hydraulic forklift operation site. The floor condition is poor. You can choose aluminum alloy and plastic wheels. Wear resistance. If the floor condition is good, polyurethane wheels can be used. It's easy.
6、 Thickness of steel plate of hydraulic forklift
The 3.0t vehicle shall use 4mm steel plate as much as possible, but it is worth noting that if it is a 5.0t manual hydraulic vehicle, the thickness of the steel plate must exceed 8mm.
Many friends generally ask how many hydraulic carriers can be used when purchasing. There is no special standard answer. Usually, it is OK to use hydraulic carriers for only 3-5 years. However, in actual use, there are also people who have used it for more than 5 years, and there are also people who have abandoned it in less than 2 years. What is the matter?
The service life of the hydraulic carrier with high frequency of use is short. The hydraulic carrier on one side is used several times a day and another week. The hydraulic carrier with high frequency of use has a short service life. The wear of parts becomes greater and the service life becomes faster if it is used many times. Proper maintenance is also an important factor affecting the service life. No matter what kind of equipment is used, correct and timely maintenance can extend its life, and the maintenance of hydraulic carrier is also necessary.

Therefore, in the case of the same quality, the service life of hydraulic carriers varies from person to person, so the service life can be extended through correct maintenance.

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