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How to choose forklift attachments

  • 2022-01-12
Today, our colleagues in charge of forklift attachments gave us the introduction and knowledge training of forklift attachments. First of all, as a professional colleague of forklift attachments, he divided this traininThe introduction of forklift attachments, the different selection of forklift attachments, the requirements of attachments for forklifts and the carrying capacity of attachments, etc.g into the following modules.
The first is the introduction of forklift attachments: I believe many people have heard of forklift attachments, but when faced with the choice of attachments, there are still many people who do not know how to choose forklift attachments. Our commonly used forklifts include: fork clamps, adjustable distance forks, side shifters, soft pack clamps, spinners, carton clamps, sponge clamps, rotary pushers and tire clamps, etc. The attachments of these forklifts are commonly asked and commonly used attachments by general customers.
The second is the selection of forklift attachments: in the selection of forklift attachments, general customers will tell us the factory according to their needs, and our factory will recommend and assemble them to customers. Only in this way can we truly meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, the selection is generally based on customer needs.
Then there are the requirements of the attachment for the forklift: the forklift attachment has great requirements for the forklift at the same time. In terms of assembly and size, the size of the attachment needs to match the size of the forklift. On the counterweight of the entire forklift, the attachment also requires that the forklift can be matched with the attachment. The forklift counterweight affects the safety of the entire forklift operation, so when choosing the attachment, the forklift should also be based on the characteristics of the attachment. Select the appropriate counterweight to ensure the safety of the entire fork and the operator during operation.
The last is the carrying capacity of the forklift attachment: when selecting the forklift attachment, the carrying capacity it can bear should be considered, and it cannot exceed the range that it can carry. If it exceeds the weight that the attachment can carry, it may cause problems such as falling of the goods or damage to the attachment. Therefore, the selection should be made according to the actual weight. It can be selected to be larger than the actual carrying capacity but not less than the actual carrying capacity.
In addition to the above frequently encountered problems, our colleague in charge of forklift attachments made some detailed introductions. At the same time, he also explained that our forklift attachments are suitable for both lpg forklifts or diesel forklifts. Yes, the most important choice is according to the customer's own needs, as long as the customer needs, our hifoune forklift manufacturer can produce the corresponding forklift according to the customer's needs.

If you still do not understand something about some of the above brief introductions, you are welcome to communicate with us. We will let our professional forklift attachments communicate with you.

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