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How to choose the right forklift attachment

  • 2022-04-06
Forklift accessories are ideal material handling equipment, which can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity, so how to correctly choose suitable forklift accessories? Let hifoune forklift factory provide you with professional advice below:
(1) Select attachments according to functions: according to the handling conditions and the needs of the goods, the user can choose the varieties and specifications of the attachments; select the attachment specifications according to the size of the goods. Under the condition that the carrying capacity of the whole vehicle and the carrying capacity of the attachment are satisfied, the selected arm range (that is, the specification of the attachment) can hold as much cargo as possible, thereby improving work efficiency and saving costs.
(2) Select the appropriate forklift attachment matching: When the attachment is assembled on the forklift, it should be noted that the installation level of the selected attachment is the same as that of the fork frame. In some special cases, the installation level of the attachment or forklift can be adjusted, so that the attachment and forklift of different installation levels can match each other.
(3) The selected attachment should be able to meet the bearing capacity: when considering whether the bearing capacity meets the user's needs, first consider whether the selected attachment can meet the lifting weight required by the user, and secondly consider whether the comprehensive bearing capacity of the whole vehicle can be satisfy.
(4) Selection and safety of forklift accessories and accessories: Users can obtain a reasonable and economical selection by comparing the following points. The first is the comparison of economy; the second is the comparison of the operating performance and the loss of load distance of the attachment; the third is the good maneuverability; the fourth is the long service life and the low failure rate; the fifth is the pre-sale and after-sale technical services in place.

The above hifoune forklift factory briefly introduced how to choose the forklift attachments correctly. If you have some better views on the choice of forklift attachments, you are welcome to communicate and contact us. We will also get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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