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How to clean the engine of internal combustion forklift

  • 2023-02-28
First of all, remove the diesel internal combustion forklift engine from the forklift, which must be carried out when the engine is completely cooled, otherwise it will cause the deformation of some parts of the diesel internal combustion forklift.
Water is discharged from the engine cooling system, and oil and hydraulic oil are discharged from the engine and hydraulic transmission.
Remove the safety shed and seat, remove the radiator cover, and remove the exhaust muffler.
Remove the foot pedal, and remove the radiator, exhaust pipe and its accessories.
Remove the coupling between the engine and hydraulic transmission and other systems.
Disassemble the connection between the engine and the main drive.
The hifoune 5 ton diesel forklift engine is hung on the lifting equipment, and the screw plug bolts connected to the frame are unscrewed.

Lift the engine with lifting equipment and place the diesel internal combustion forklift engine on the bench.

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