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How to Deal with Rust of Forklift

  • 2023-01-03
The fork of the hydraulic forklift is made of steel and its surface is painted. It mainly plays the role of wear resistance and rust prevention, and it is also beautiful. During the use of the forklift, there will be friction between the fork and the pallet or goods. Over time, improper maintenance will lead to rust. How should we deal with it and maintain it to reduce rust?
With the rapid development of the logistics industry, hydraulic forklift has become a common handling tool, which saves time and labor, is simple to operate, and is economical and practical. In the process of using the hydraulic forklift, what should we do to avoid the danger?
1. Pay attention to controlling the driving speed and direction. The speed shall be stable and slow down when turning to avoid collision and rollover.
2. Operators shall pay attention to their own safety. Protective shoes should be worn to avoid bruises or toes.
3. Overloading is prohibited. Compliance with the rated load is the primary factor for safe use. Forklifts of each specification have their own rated load, which is likely to cause danger or damage to the vehicle when exceeding the rated load.
4. The main goods shall be placed reasonably on the fork. Forks shall be evenly stressed during stacking to avoid rollover, and the goods shall not be too high, and super high large pieces shall be placed upside down.
When using forklifts, we must pay attention to the above points to avoid danger. Sufficient preparations must be made before work to ensure the safety of goods and personnel.
After the hydraulic forklift is rusted, we should deal with all the rusted parts on the fork, polish them with sandpaper, wipe them clean and dry them, and select paint with the same color number for uniform application and then dry them. Remember: the rusted parts must be cleaned up, or rust will also occur after paint repair.
In fact, users should pay more attention to normal maintenance. Do not operate savagely. Wipe the fork dry in time when it encounters water, and park it in a dry place when not in use.

With the progress of science and technology, we often see various kinds of electric tools in factory workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, etc. Although in some aspects the electric carrier has brought us great convenience, the use of the local cattle forklift is irreplaceable. In places with narrow space or insufficient power, it is more practical than electric forklift. The labor force is liberated, the work efficiency is improved, and the price is affordable.

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