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How to deal with the failure of the forklift steering system

  • 2022-01-04
With the development of the forklift industry, more and more industries are now using forklifts. However, in actual applications, forklifts will also have a lot of failures and the like.
1. The steering gear is leaking. The possible causes of the failure are:
The joint surfaces of the steering gear (valve body, spacer, stator, rotor) leak oil. The method is to replace the sealing ring, clean the steering gear, the joint surface or replace the solid bolts.
If the journal or the sealing ring of the overflow valve is damaged, the solution is relatively simple, which is to replace the sealing ring at the journal and the overflow valve.
The washer at the stop bolt is not flat. The solution to this situation is to flatten the washer or replace the washer.
2. Steering failure, the reasons for the failure may include:
The spring sheet of the steering gear is broken or the steering gear pin is broken and deformed, or the coupling opening may be broken or deformed. The solution is to replace the spring sheet, pin, and coupling.
If the safety valve fails, the solution is to clean the safety valve and replace the spring.
If the steering cylinder leaks too much, the solution is to replace the seal or cylinder.

The above is the way that hifoune forklift manufacturer handles the failure of the forklift steering system. If you also have different opinions, welcome to communicate with us.

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