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How to ensure the supply of accessories for HIFOUNE forklift after-sales service

  • 2023-06-08
Recently, some customers have been hesitant to place orders due to concerns about mismatched or difficult procurement of accessories in the market. HIFOUNE forklift has always adhered to the principle of providing comprehensive services to customers, making every effort to provide convenience and solve after-sales problems for customers. Forklifts are production tools that inevitably require maintenance and repair. Timely and accurate supply of accessories is the basic guarantee for the normal use of forklifts. The principle is to have good reserves in daily life and respond quickly in special situations.
For end customers, we usually randomly give them some spare parts. It can be divided into three situations in detail:
1) Random gift of spare parts: Free gift to customers to meet simple maintenance and repair needs;
2) One-year random spare parts: purchased by customers themselves to meet the needs of one-year maintenance and routine fault repair;
3) Two year random spare parts: The customer purchases them themselves to meet the maintenance and routine troubleshooting needs of two years.
For HIFOUNDE agents, our after-sales service system will be more in-depth and comprehensive:
1) We will assist the agent in establishing inventory of accessories, and the first batch of inventory will be provided by our company;
2) Based on our experience, our reserve of spare parts inventory can meet over 98% of customers' needs. For other sudden and special spare parts needs, we can provide them through express delivery;
3) We regularly adjust the items and quantities of accessories with our agents to improve accuracy and satisfaction.

HIFOUNE is dedicated to every forklift. If you still have any questions about forklift accessories, we welcome your consultation and look forward to providing us with more valuable improvement suggestions!


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