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How to extend the life of forklift tires

  • 2021-12-15
We all know that forklifts now play a very important role in various industries, so what common problems should we pay attention to in the protection of forklifts? For example, how can we extend the life of our forklift tires? The following China Hifoune forklift supplier will explain to you how to extend the life of our forklift tires.
1. Choose suitable tires for forklift operations
Choosing the right tire is the first step to ensure the best performance of industrial solid tires. Material moving
The application conditions of the transportation service should determine the type of equipment and tires to be used. Only when suitable tires are equipped on forklifts specially designed for service application conditions can the life of industrial tires be maximized.
2. Regularly check tires
Tire inspections should be done at least once a week-if possible, they should be checked daily. Pay attention to and remove broken glass, nails, embedded metal chips, etc. on the tire. If the inspection finds that the tire's tread is irregularly worn or worn too quickly, this is often caused by mechanical failure, such as brake failure or improper four-wheel alignment. If you find it, please correct it immediately.
3. Lubricate the forklift regularly
Appropriate lubrication, especially the lubrication of the engine and brake system, will ensure the forklift to roll freely and reduce tire resistance without slipping. Avoid excessive lubrication, as grease and oil spills are harmful to most rubber compounds.
4. Adjust the brake
Wheels are part of the braking system of many vehicles. Brake failure can cause brake drag and generate a lot of heat, which may cause problems such as tire bursts.
5. Check shaft alignment and steering
Regularly check the positioning of the steering device and the axle to avoid rapid or irregular tire wear and delamination.
6. Keep your tires clean
Ensure that the tires and the forklift are kept clean enough to avoid damage to the tires caused by debris falling into the gap between the tires and the forklift.
7. Install the tire in the center of the wheel
If the tire is not properly installed on the wheel, it can cause tire slippage.
8. Use the right equipment
Don't use vehicles that have too little weight compared to handling tasks to save costs or temporarily use vehicles. Overloading of the vehicle may be unsafe and cause damage to the forklift, tires, driver, and cargo being carried.

If you have any better views on how to maintain forklifts and forklift parts, welcome to communicate with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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