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How to extend the service life of internal combustion forklifts

  • 2022-09-08
Whether the internal combustion forklift can be reasonably used is the center of testing the professional nature of a driver. Good forklift usage habits can not only not delay the operation, but also prolong the service life of the forklift and reduce capital investment. Below is a summary of the relevant methods for using internal combustion forklifts.
The first person driving the forklift must undergo professional training, obtain a special operation certificate after inspection by the production supervisor, and
Driven by the company to prevent unlicensed operations. Stop drinking and driving, and avoid eating, chatting, and talking on cell phones and walkie-talkies while hiking.
2. Drivers should abide by rules and regulations, standardize operations, drive safely, and carry forward the idea of "safety first, prevention first".
3. When driving a forklift, prevent the person lifted by the fork from engaging in high-altitude operations and avoid falling accidents from high-altitude; to prevent single-fork operation, the load capacity of the fork should comply with the load rules to prevent overload operation.
4. When the forklift is operating, it is necessary to prevent the goods from being opened at a high speed and prevent people from standing on the forks; when picking up the goods with the forks, people should prevent people from standing around the forks, so as to prevent the goods from collapsing and hurting people.
5. Before operation, the driver should check whether the lifting chain, mast and fork of the vehicle are harmful and whether the bolts are firm; check whether it is necessary to add fuel and lubricating oil, check the starting, running and braking functions; and check whether the lights and audio signals are Completely useful, start the operation after confessing to normal; after starting the engine, listen to the running status of the starting engine and check the indication status of each appearance. When there is a mechanical problem, you can't fix it yourself. Turn off the forklift and notify the repairman.
6. The driver should inquire about the nearby situation before starting the forklift, and confess that there are no obstacles, and stop driving before starting; when loading, start slowly and steadily, and first declare that the goods are stable and reliable.
7. When the driver forks the goods, he should check the distance of the fork according to his needs, so as to balance the load of the fork. swipe back. When hiking, the distance between the bottom of the fork and the ground should be 300-400 mm.
8. The loading height of the forklift should block the driver's sight, and the forklift should be opened; when reversing, the reversing signal needs to be announced. When steering is controlled by the rear wheels, be aware of the sway behind the car. Speed should be steady. Check for cars and pedestrians in the front and rear.

All new forklifts that leave the factory have undergone strict factory inspection. However, in the process of storage and transportation, the parts of the forklift will become loose and harmful, so before using the forklift, clean the forklift from the outside to the inside, and then carry out a strict vehicle inspection.

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