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How to identify the degree of damage to forklift parts

  • 2021-03-04
How to identify the degree of damage to forklift parts

1. Impact on performance and operating mechanism: After some parts are worn, although they can still perform their functions, their performance is reduced. For example, the transmission gear can still transmit the predetermined torque and speed after wear, but the gap is too large. As the noise increases, the efficiency decreases, and the smoothness of the transmission is damaged, the repair or replacement must be decided according to the wear and tear.

2. Impact on efficiency: When parts are worn, it will lead to a decrease in efficiency. If the parts such as cylinders are worn out, it will affect the efficiency of the engine. It should be decided whether to repair some parts according to the specific conditions of wear.
3. Although the wear of general parts has exceeded the tolerance, but it does not exceed the sub-level matching tolerance, it can continue to be used.
4. Economy of parts repair method: Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of repair, the ratio of repair cost to service life after repair is lower than the ratio of manufacturing cost of new parts after replacement to the service life of new parts after replacement.
5. The parts cannot complete the intended use function due to wear. For example, the clutch loses the function of transmitting power, the hydraulic parts cannot reach the predetermined pressure, and the cam fitting system cannot maintain the predetermined movement law. If the above situation occurs, it must be replaced or repaired.

6. In the forklift maintenance process, the repair or replacement is determined based on whether it has the technological capability and conditions for repairing worn parts.

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