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How to install and lift truck tilt cylinder

  • 2022-12-08
As we all know, forklift trucks will inevitably encounter some problems in the process of overuse. What should we do when our 5 ton forklift trucks are faced with the installation and removal of some commonly used parts? For example, how do we deal with the installation and removal of our forklift oil cylinder? The professional manufacturer of hifoune forklift will popularize how to install the tilt cylinder of forklift.
Installation position

The hydraulic cylinder of the forklift hydraulic system is generally equipped with a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a tilting hydraulic cylinder, a steering hydraulic cylinder, etc. Therefore, the tilting hydraulic cylinder of the forklift, as its name implies, is installed in the hydraulic cylinder of the forklift hydraulic system. The tilt cylinders of the internal combustion forklift are piston operated, and there is an oil pipe connector at the front and rear ends of the cylinder. The front end of the tilt cylinder is connected to the external portal frame through the piston rod connector, and the rear end is connected to the upper support seat of the internal combustion forklift frame. The main accessory structures include: piston rod, dust ring, special screw plug, Yx seal ring, O-ring, guide sleeve, cylinder barrel, retainer ring, piston, expansion ring and other forklift accessories.

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