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How to maintain a forklift truck

  • 2022-01-10
We all know that all equipment pays attention to "seven points of nourishment and three points of repair", and forklifts are no exception. During the normal use of the forklift, various losses will inevitably occur. Through regular maintenance or annual maintenance of the forklift, the vehicle can always be kept in good condition. Compared with the habit of "repairing after worn out", regular routine maintenance can detect potential problems in time, avoid potential safety hazards, improve use efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
So, how to do maintenance?
Timely maintenance
As a special equipment that operates under heavy load conditions, forklift trucks are very necessary to perform maintenance in a timely manner according to the period specified in the operation guide. For example, the simple maintenance of forklift trucks such as adding liquid to batteries for electric forklift trucks is a wrong understanding. Attention can ensure that the forklift will not cause major hidden dangers and problems due to excessive wear and tear. Usually, Vemax forklifts are maintained every 500 hours or 1000 hours of operation, and different working hours correspond to different maintenance levels, similar to the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary maintenance in car maintenance. In some cases where the working conditions are particularly bad, maintenance is required every 250 hours to ensure the normal use of the forklift.
Comprehensive maintenance
For users, forklift maintenance is not just as simple as changing oil and filters. In fact, the Weimaraner maintenance work list completely lists dozens of specific maintenance items required for each model, including: inspection of various systems of the forklift, safety hazard investigation, lubrication of key parts, replacement of filters and other Wear parts, replace lubricating oil, replenish fluids, and clean snow, dust, impurities, etc. on forklift parts. The performance of the forklift can be improved only after a complete set of maintenance items is done.
Genuine maintenance parts should be used
At present, various filters and lubricating oils of informal channels on the market are mixed, and the filter paper of inferior filters has poor filtration accuracy, and some even fail to filter. Long-term use will cause serious consequences for large components such as engines. It is clearly pointed out in the forklift maintenance project of Weimei that engine oil and hydraulic oil should also use special oil products that meet the grade requirements to provide the best lubrication and heat dissipation effect.

The above is about how to better maintain the forklift. If you have any better views or suggestions, welcome to communicate and exchange with us.

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