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How to prevent internal combustion forklifts from catching fire

  • 2022-09-16
Sometimes due to our improper operation and other factors, the internal combustion forklift will accidentally catch fire. The consequences cannot be imagined. The following hifoune forklift will take you to see how to prevent the internal combustion forklift from accidentally catching fire.
How to prevent internal combustion forklift fire?
1. Turn off the engine when refueling, and do not smoke.
2. When checking the forklift, do not use matches, lighters and other open flames for lighting.
3. When performing electric welding and gas cutting operations on the forklift, it is necessary to disassemble or protect the fuel according to the situation, clean the welding part and the oil pollution next to it, and prepare the necessary fire extinguisher next to it.
4. Do not arbitrarily increase the size of the fuse, or use other metal wires instead of the fuse.
5. Do not ignite or check the voltage of the battery by means of a short circuit.

6. Eliminate problems such as fuel sagging, aging and broken skin of wires (including charging wires), and poor fixing of wires, squashed or rubbed.

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