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How to properly maintain internal combustion forklift

  • 2023-02-08
We all know that the application of internal combustion forklift is also to show a lot of convenience in your work. According to the forklift, it can carry out the transportation of goods, loading and unloading, so as to save a lot of time and speed up the transportation rate. Internal combustion forklift also appears in various manufacturing industries and gets very good use. It is also important to do a good job in the maintenance of this kind of forklift.
If it is necessary to maintain the internal combustion forklift, then the automatic control system must be maintained and maintained on time. It is necessary to check whether the AC contactor of the internal combustion forklift is damaged, so as to know whether the AC contactor can operate normally. It is better to check it once every three months, including the tread plate and its power switch, etc, After such inspection, you can immediately know whether to find abnormalities and damages, so that you can immediately carry out inspection and maintenance.
The second is to check the electrode connection line of the main power circuit of the internal combustion forklift truck, which can ensure whether the connection is more firm, especially the cable in it must also be checked relatively, and the elastic yellow in it must also be checked to check whether the elastic yellow is deformed, so that the elastic yellow can be properly restored, so as to ensure the application of the elastic yellow. Be sure to clean, check and repair immediately.
If you have any good methods or suggestions on how to properly maintain the internal combustion forklift, please contact us and we will contact you in the shortest time.

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