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How to properly maintain internal combustion forklifts

  • 2022-07-14
The application of the internal combustion forklift also provides a lot of convenience for everyone's work. According to the forklift, the transportation of goods and their loading and unloading can be carried out, so as to save a lot of time and speed up the delivery rate. The internal combustion forklift also appears in various In the manufacturing industry, to obtain very good use, it is also very important to maintain this forklift.
It is necessary to check the main power circuit electrode connection line of the internal combustion forklift, so as to ensure that the connection is more firm, especially the cables in it must also be relatively inspected, and the spring yellow in it must also be checked. Do a good job of inspection to check whether the spring yellow is deformed, so that the spring yellow can be properly recovered, so that the application of the spring yellow can be ensured. It must be cleaned, inspected and repaired immediately.
Even if the internal combustion forklift must be maintained, the automatic control system must be maintained and maintained on time. It is necessary to check whether the AC contactor of the internal combustion forklift is damaged, so as to know whether the AC contactor can be used. Everything is running normally, and it is better to check it once every three months, including the pedal board and its power switch, etc., must be checked. , so that inspection and maintenance can be carried out immediately.

When the temperature is rainy in summer, it is not necessary to operate outdoors on rainy days as much as possible, and it is not necessary to go out to operate. Diesel internal combustion forklifts should ensure sufficient energy before operation. If you feel bored, dizzy, dull, etc. during the operation, you should stop and rest immediately, or wipe your face with cold water to cheer up your energy to ensure stable driving.

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