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How to repair electric forklift

  • 2022-12-06
1、 Who is responsible for repair and protection of electric forklift? It is important to find a forklift repair and maintenance service provider with good skills, which should be stable and able to maintain and repair the forklift throughout its service life. It is not allowed to show that the service provider is out of business during the forklift maintenance period or that other factors can not provide us with forklift services continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional and stable forklift repair and maintenance service provider. And the repair and protection service provider you are looking for can provide a maintenance plan based on your forklift operation. Some small forklift problems should also be able to help you deal with them. It is necessary to find a forklift repair and maintenance service provider who has a long history of forklift repair and maintenance.
2、 The forklift repair and maintenance service provider can draw up a complete and reasonable preventive protection plan for our forklift, such as how often to check on the side, test list of program debugging, etc. These data can give a reference to our forklift protection. Secondly, the skilled personnel should provide us with a list of items every time they check, so that we can have a good understanding of the existing forklift operation status.
3、 In the preventive protection scheme, the cleaning operation of the forklift should not be forgotten. There are many factors that cause forklift problems, but some minor problems may occur if debris, broken steps, dust, etc. are not removed for a long time. Therefore, when making preventive maintenance plans, cleaning operations should also be done well. Excellent cleaning is essential for electric forklift repair.

4、 For the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil of the forklift, check the oil quantity regularly to avoid poor operation and severe wear of the forklift, and make up the oil quantity in time. Electric forklift, electric stacker and electric carrier shall check the capacity of battery water and make up for battery water in time.

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