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How to transport a forklift in a container

  • 2023-08-09

HIFOUNE is a quality focused forklift manufacturer, with a dedicated team supporting the entire process from the manufacture of forklifts to the delivery of the truck, as well as the development of mature packing solutions and forklift fixation solutions.
In general, 2-4 tons of forklifts use 20GP containers, commonly known as small cabinets. A small cabinet can accommodate up to 6 small forklifts. 5-12 ton forklifts generally use 40GP or 40HQ containers. In individual cases, if the forklift door frame is too high, it is necessary to separate the door frame for transportation.
In order to ensure the balance in the transportation process and avoid bumps and damage, it is particularly important to choose the right stress point, stability and safety are indispensable. Common forklift loading force points are as follows:
1. The front and rear wheels are fixed at the bottom of the container with two triangular pieces of wood.
2. The counterweight is fixed on the bottom hook of the side of the container with a nylon belt.
3. Both sides of the forklift are wrapped with soft materials to prevent overloading and friction.
4. The upper part of the mast is fixed on the upper hook on the side of the container with a nylon belt.
5. The lower part of the mast is fixed on the lower hook on the side of the container with a nylon belt.
HIFOUNE has a lot of experience in forklift loading and delivery, and putting a perfect forklift in front of our customers is our best publicity card. In case of unexpected damage and bumps during shipping, we will try our best to provide you with a remedy. HIFOUNE is always pursuing long-term cooperation rather than short-term profit, and we look forward to providing you with more satisfactory service in the future.

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