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How to troubleshoot china diesel forklift

  • 2021-10-14
As the pressure of loading and unloading goods and handling and stacking has greatly increased, diesel forklift stand out among many warehouse forklifts with their superior performance. At the same time, with more and more market applications, more and more attention has been paid to the failure of internal fuel forklifts during use. According to our long-term communication with customers, we have specially collected some related methods and methods for troubleshooting of internal fuel forklifts. Diesel forklift manufacturers will share with you how to troubleshoot internal fuel forklifts.
China diesel forklift truck
The mast of the internal fuel forklift will shake when it is lifted, and the lifting cylinder of the diesel forklift truck may have air, and repeated lifting of heavy objects will exhaust the air. Check whether the hydraulic system is leaking, and whether the oil seal or hydraulic cylinder of the internal combustion forklift needs to be replaced.
The lifting speed of the internal fuel forklift cannot rise or stop rising. Check whether the oil pipe or oil joint is leaking and whether it needs to be replaced. Whether the solenoid valves, manual reversing valves, and one-way valves of the internal fuel forklift are dirty, whether the sealing ring is worn, whether there is internal leakage, if so, the valve assembly of the internal combustion forklift needs to be cleaned and the seals should be replaced. Check whether the hydraulic oil is too viscous or deteriorated, which affects the lifting of the forklift.
The internal fuel forklift has abnormal noises, and the driving wheels have abnormal noises when traveling. It is time to add lubricating oil to the internal fuel forklift, otherwise the lubricating oil is not pure enough and mixed with some hard debris. Just change it. The bearings or casters are severely worn, and the hardware needs to be replaced.
In addition to the above methods, if you have more information on how to troubleshoot heavy duty diesel forklift trucks, welcome to communicate and exchange with us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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