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Influence of forklift tire types on forklift performance

  • 2022-05-24
A tire usually consists of three parts: the outer tire, the inner tube, and the cushion. There are also those that do not need an inner tube, the inner layer of the carcass has a rubber layer with good air tightness, and a special rim is required. The structure of tires in all countries in the world is developing in the direction of tubeless, radial structure, flat (the ratio of tire section height and width is small) and light weight.
As one of the wearing parts of the forklift, forklift tires play a very important role in the flexibility, stability, safety and economical use of forklifts. Therefore, the correct selection of forklift tires can improve the service life of forklift tires Use performance, reduce the cost of use.
1. Types and characteristics of forklift tires
The tires used in forklifts can be divided into three types: pneumatic tires, pneumatic rim solid tires and press-fit solid tires.
Pneumatic tires are filled with compressed air and have good elasticity and adhesion. And its performance is greatly affected by tire pressure. As tire pressure increases, its carrying capacity increases, adhesion decreases, vibration frequency increases, and comfort and safety deteriorate.
The difference between a solid tire with a pneumatic rim and a pneumatic tire is that its inner cavity is not inflated but filled with highly elastic materials, so its ability to resist puncture is enhanced, which increases the working safety of the vehicle. Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires with pneumatic rims have larger mass, stronger bearing capacity, poorer elasticity, and weaker suction capacity, so their comfort is poor.
Press-fit solid tires are characterized by small diameter and high pressure bearing capacity. They are suitable for forklifts with large loads and small wheels. This type of tire has no danger of puncture and is easy to maintain, but has poor elasticity, which in turn makes the vehicle more comfortable. Difference.
2. Influence of forklift tires on vehicle performance
As the main component of the forklift, the main function of the tire is to bear the weight of the forklift (including the weight of the goods), drive the forklift to travel and steer the forklift through friction with the ground, absorb vibration and shock, and make the forklift run smoothly. Tires have an impact on the traction performance, braking performance, stability, safety and efficiency of the forklift.
(1) Influence on the power performance of the forklift
The entire section of a solid tire is composed of rubbers and cords of different formulations, and its internal friction loss is bound to exceed that of a pneumatic tire. Furthermore, a solid tire has a smaller static stiffness than a pneumatic tire, and its deformation during rolling is larger, so the rolling resistance is larger. Solid tires have higher acceleration resistance and ramp resistance due to their larger quality than pneumatic tires of the same specification.
(2) Influence on braking performance
The braking force of the forklift mainly depends on the braking torque provided by the brake and the adhesion of the road surface. Sufficient braking force can only be obtained when the forklift has sufficient braking torque and the ground can provide sufficient adhesion. Solid tires have poorer adhesion properties than pneumatic tires of the same specification. Therefore, the braking force of solid tires is smaller than that of pneumatic tire forks of the same specification. At the same time, the solid tire has a larger mass than the pneumatic tire of the same specification, so under the same initial braking speed, the braking deceleration of the tire forklift is smaller and the braking distance is larger. Therefore, under the same specifications, the solid tire forklift brake system has poor performance.
(3) Influence on the passability of forklifts

For tires of the same specification, since the dimensions of pneumatic tires are larger than that of solid tires, they can increase the ground clearance of forklifts, so the forklifts with pneumatic tires have better passing performance.

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